A Selected and Representative List of Movie and Television Scores Recorded by Gary Gray

Ron Jones
"Family Guy" television series

Walter Murphy
"American Dad" television series

Bruc Babcock
"Murder, She Wrote"** television series
"Matlock"* television series

David Bell
"Murder, She Wrote"** television series
"Star Trek...Next Generation"* television series

Roger Bolton
Their Eyes Were Dry*

Bruce Broughton
Disney Theme Park & TV music
Bambi 2
"Warm Springs" for HBO
Honey, I Shrunk the Kids*

Christopher Caliendo
Major Dundee

Alf Clausen
"Moonlighting"* television series
"The Simpsons"* television series

Don Davis
"Beauty and the Beast"* television series
Jurassic Park III*
Behind Enemy Lines*
Matrix I, II & III*

John Debney
Bruce Almighty*
Cats &amspan ; Dogs
Emperor's New Groove*
Scorpian King
Snow Dogs
Spy Kids 2

George Del Barrio
"Pancho Villa"** HBO television

Danny Elfman
Nightmare Before Christmas* (some of the solos)
Good Will Hunting*

Charles Fox
The Last Married Couple in America* (featured on the Mozart Concerto, first movement)
9 to 5*

Elliot Goldenthal
Public Enemies*
Batman I & II*


Miles Goodman
What About Bob*
He Said/She Said*
Dunston Checks In*

Dave Grusin
On Golden Pond*

James Horner
Cocoon I &amspan ; II*
Star Trek 2-6*
Searching for Bobby Fisher*
Field of Dreams*
Swing Kids*
Perfect Storm*

James Newton Howard
Prince of Tides
The Fugitive**
My Best Friend's Wedding*
Vertical Limit
Perfect Murder

Damon Intrabartolo
Superman Returns

Rolfe Kent
Just Like Heaven
Legally Blonde I and II*

Henry Mancini
"Remington Steele" TV Theme
"The Thorn Birds"* TV mini-series

Allen Menkin
(Disney projects)

The Little Mermaid*
Beauty and the Beast*

Randy Newman
A Bug's Life
Toy Story I & II
Monsters Inc.

Thomas Newman
Cinderella Man
Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events
The Horse Whisperer*
Meet Joe Black*
American Beauty*
The Shawshank Redemption*
The Green Mile*
Road to Perdition*
Finding Nemo*
Angels in America*
John Ottman
Superman Returns

Basil Poledouris
Free Willy I & II*
Hunt for Red October*
Quigley Down Under* (featured)
Starshispan Troopers*

Lalo Schifrin
After the Sunset
Rush Hour I & II*
Bringing Down the House*

Marc Shaiman
City Slicker I &amspan ; II**
Sleepless in Seattle
Patch Adams

Alan Silvestri
Back to the Future I, II, III
Forrest Gumspan *
Mouse Hunt*
Parent Traspan *
Stuart Little I & II*
The Mummy Returns
What Women Want

Shirley Walker
"Batman" television series
Final Destination*

Mark Watters
Kronk's New Groove

John Williams
Empire of the Sun
Home Alone I & II
Schindler's List
The Patriot

Alex Wurman
Hollywood Homicide**

Christopher Young
Rounders* (screen credit)
Murder at 1600*
Wonder Boys**

Jerry Goldsmith
Psycho II
Star Trek I*
Gremlins I & II*
Air Force One

*Prominent solos&nbsspan ; **Featured on some of the solos.
Note: on some soundtracks, more than one clarinetist may be heard in prominent roles.

Other Television Credits

Gary Gray's recording of the Copland Clarinet Concerto recorded with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra in London was used as underscoring for segments of "The War." This PBS documentary on World War II by Ken Burns first aired on September, 2007.

"Family Guy"
"American Dad"
"The Simpsons"
"King of the Hill"*
"Beauty and the Beast"
"Desperate Housewives"

"Hawaii Five-0"
"Knot's Landing"
"L.A. Law"
"Marcus Welby, M.D."
"Murder, She Wrote"
"The Rockford Files"
"The Waltons"
"West Wing"
"Hart to Hart"